What is arcing?    

Arcing is a way to trace an argument by a writer. The Bible argues, and arcing is a great tool to identify the logical flow of a passage.  It is a tool most helpful in understanding the Epistle letters and other conversation-like passages of the Bible, may not be so helpful in narrative genres.   

A simple sentence or a “proposition” always has a SUBJECT and a VERB.  A proposition makes a statement about something.  For example, saying “I ate” or “I walked” makes a statement about what I did. “I” is the subject and “ate” or “walked” is the verb or action.  Arcing shows HOW one proposition relates to another proposition or group of propositions.   

Download this “one pager” to use alongside of your study of a passage as you try to figure out which of the 18 ways propositions can relate to one another and what that tells you about the author’s meaning of the passage.

Download this template to use on any Apple device for its Pages program or Microsoft’s Word program and arc a passage of Scripture for yourself. arcing template – portrait

Completed & Working Drafts:  

Philippians: A daily devotional reading through Paul’s letter to this church plant at Philippi. What is humility? Who are the examples from which to learn? Why and how are we to respond to the command to rejoice? Click Philippians study notes or on the picture for the PDF.

img 3468

John 10: Five sections of arcing this chapter on the Good Shepherd. arc study – john 10 notes

Romans 5-8: romans 5-8 men made new

1&2 Thessalonians: Click HERE for the PDF

Galatians: Arcing-Galatians-Blog     

Colossians: Colossians – Main  

James:  James-Main-Notes   

1 Peter: 1 Peter – Main  

Ephesians: Ephesians – Main


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