Writing is a “slow medium” to work out our thoughts and thinking. Here are a few of the pieces that I have enjoyed putting together:

1. The Good Shepherd: Who and What is the Good Shepherd? A magazine-type layout of 12 summary pages of many of Saint John’s thoughts on Jesus as the Good Shepherd in John chapter 10. the good shepherd – john 10

2. Study Notes on John’s letter of Revelation – chapters 1-3: What does Christ himself write to churches? What does that mean for us in church today? There are deep words of hope and blessing for us to grasp here for our joy and endurance and patience! revelation 1-3

img 1751

3. Study Notes on Peter’s First Letter: How do we think about the brokenness of the world, and maybe more importantly, how do we think about living well in it? Is there thriving to be had? Here is a verse by verse reflection with notes and prayers and outlines and sermon notes and thoughts as many of us walked through this inspiring book: 1 peter – study notes final

4. Systematic Theology – Summarized: Beyond the overarching theme of the Kingdom of God unifying all of Scriptures 66 books, what does the Bible say about God, about Salvation, about the Church, etc.? Here is a set of 12 one pagers of my notes summarizing much of Wayne Gruedem’s book on Systematic Theology: grudem – systematic theology notes

5. Hope in Tears: What are FIVE reminders that are true when we face deep grief and real loss?

6. Germany Trip Journal – Turner and me in January 2020

7. Hebrews 11 – What is FAITH? Summer series 2020. Click the picture below for the detailed notes.

8. Church history – on one page for key markers – click picture below for the PDF.

9. Readings: JC Ryle’s book on Holiness is in the public domain and very good. We downloaded it and put a linked Table of Contents for quick access. Helpful.

One comment

  1. Thanks Eric for all this on the web, I’m very happy that I can read it even though I missed men’s group. And thanks Jodi for your help to Eric, helping him to minister to us so well.

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