Scripture as One Story

Although the Bible is the most published book in the world, it is not always easy to understand. It covers hundreds of years of history. It is written by many different authors. It includes realistic answers to our main questions: how we got here, how here got broken, what is the path to redemption, and how does it all this end?

But how do we see this from 66 different books?

What if Scripture in all its books was really one story? What is that story? How does a God who is other than us reveal himself to us over the centuries?

Here are three PDF files of my notes that aim to tell this one story in a simple way, a way that connects to each day of our week not only Sundays.

The Kingdom of God is the central, unifying theme of Scripture with Jesus as its end in both the Old and New Testaments. We are somehow written into this story and have real and valuable roles to play. Through Christ’s work we can know God and have real fellowship with him. May his Spirit guide us into knowing Him in this one story from Scripture.

As you are reading Scripture on your own, hearing someone preach from the Bible, listening to podcasts, or reading books that reference Scripture, may these three short tools provide a useable framework in which to place what you hear on the one storyline.

Click on each picture below to download the PDF files to read on line or save to your own drive, or open in iBooks or other readers you like:

1. God’s Big Picture: These are my summary notes from a very good, short book by Vaughn Roberts which will give you a framework of “12 movie” type scenes to connect to Scripture’s one story.

2. Old Testament Survey – Promises Made: These are my summary notes giving a one pager on every book in the Old Testament, a simple outline of each book, and the main punchline or theme of each book. Pastor Mark Dever’s materials from FBCH in Washington DC were very helpful here.

3. New Testament Survey – Promised Kept: These notes complete the overview of the rest of the Bible after the Old Testament.



  1. I have printed a copy of 6 of 26 on your NT Survey notes. How can I get copies 1-5 notes. I want to start coming every week and want to get “up to speed”. Thanks Richard (402)620-8063 can call or text on this number.

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