There are eight benefits that come to mind why spending the effort to memorize some verses from Scripture can build real, solid, strong hope:

1. We become what we behold. Do we want to change? How do we change? 2 Corinthians 3 says we either become corrupt by admiring shady business or we become godly by admiring the deep character of Jesus.

2. The Christian faith for peace is a thinking faith. Having a mind that is less anxious is not about emptying your mind or thinking less, it is about thinking more. In Philippians chapter 4 the Apostle Paul says don’t be anxious, but instead fill your mind with the beauty God has revealed. Make a list of requests thanking him as if they’re already answered because he does hear you.

3. The word of God is like a long distance letter from a loved one, We long to know what it says for us and to us. This is why and for Whom we were made.

4. It is a way to quiet the inner critic from the accuser that hits us with half truths or flat out lies. We remind ourselves that we are bigger sinners than what Satan accuses us as, but at the same time more loved and clothed with the perfection of Christ then we ever could imagine

5. There is real hope to be built in our lives on what God promises because they are true. But do we know what God has promised? He has not promised wealth here in this life, nor has he promised us no death or pain – so what has he promised? Can we name 100 promises? These promises and truths are the ones we should be speaking over our lives in blessing because they are true.

6. It is a very practical way we hear the voice of God. Jesus said to his disciples that it is good he goes to heaven because he will leave the Holy Spirit in us who will remind us what he has said. When seemingly random verses come to mind it really does not have to be coincidence.

7. Because what will we say over our discouraged souls? It does not work to say just don’t be discouraged, nor does it work but adds to our discouragement when we are surprised we are discouraged. So what do we say? What is true.

8. It gives us ways to expand our prayer life. If prayer is a two-way walkie-talkie in wartime between us and the general, we can use the words of Scripture into our prayers for ourselves and others.

Here are a few resources to help make this easier for you to get started or augment what you are already finding helpful:

Click on the Proverbs 18 picture above to download our PowerPoint / Keynote file that we used to layout the verse and picture and note. You can download it to create your own 4×6 picture cards to upload to Walgreens or Walmart’s photo store through their app or website. Put your own verses and pictures into this template, take a screenshot of it then upload to print. We are hardwired to memorize faster when it is part of a story.

Click on the above scheduler to download a helpful template that takes 10 months or so memorizing 12 verses with other(s). Twelve may not seem like a lot over almost a year but you will be surprised how fast they add up. Then year 2 Column E becomes an important way to review, brush up on, and keep fresh the work you have done in previous year(s).