Right thoughts about who God is changes our affections of hope and joy.

Captured beauty by Justine, April 2018

“Jonathan Edwards in his book Religious Affections addresses this very point. John Piper also draws on him when he writes,

“The Scriptures command joy, hope, fear, peace, grief, desire, tenderheartedness, brokenness and contrition, gratitude, lowliness, etc. Therefore Christian Hedonism is not making too much of emotion when it says that being satisfied in God is our calling and duty.”

Excerpt From
Quest for Hope – OT Survey
Eric Blick

Layered reading: read and re-read and re-read this Psalm – it’s one of our favorites. Each pass you will begin to see more and then see hope.

#LoveThisTown – Vintage Omaha map cufflinks from my wife – I should have a birthday more often!


Jodi is an exceptional gift giver – she had created vintage OMAHA Map cufflinks (to match the tie she gave me) to remind me of the ways we are loving the place that God has rooted us.

“Good food makes cities wealthier and more compelling, but there’s another reason why what we eat makes us love where we live. Food has an inimitable sensory power to connect us to place.” – This is Where You Belong book quote. She also took me and the kids to a classic Omaha Steakhouse for that very reason – #LoveThisTown