“Election must be seen as missiological and not just soteriological” – Christopher Wright’s Mission of God, p3 69

What the Sam-hill does that mean?

Missiological: repentance and forgiveness being preached in the name of Christ to all nations.

Soteriological: salvation and eternal life with God

The logical flow from 1 Peter 2:9-12runs as follows:

  1. if this is what you are (your identity, through election redemption and covenant)
  2. then this is how you must live (your ethics)
  3. and this is what will result among the nations (our mission)

The message is plain. Christians are to be as visible to the nations by the quality of their moral lives as Israel had been intended to be (but failed). And the purpose of that ethical visibility is ultimately to bring the nations to glorify God. (p389).

May God cause us to so enjoy all that God is for us in Christ in our daily lives that the world wants this rock-solid joy in God for themselves!

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