Book recommendation: Culture Making – Great ride and read by Andy Crouch

Culture is, first of all, the name for our relentless, restless human effort to take the world as its given to us and make something else.

What are the ways we as Christians respond to culture? Quote from the section entitled, When gestures become postures.

The problem is not with any of these [gestures towards the culture around us] condemning, critiquing, consuming, copying. All of them can be appropriate responses to particular cultural goods. Indeed, each of them may be the only appropriate response to a particular cultural good. But the problem comes when these gestures become too familiar, become the only way we know how to responds to culture, become etched into our unconscious stance toward the world and become postures

If we are known mostly for our ability to poke holes in every human project, we will probably not be known as people who bear the hope and mercy of God

What was missing, Ive come to believe, were the two postures that are most characteristically biblical the two postures that have been least explored by Christians in the last century. They are found at the very beginning of the human story, according to Genesis: like our first parents, we are to be creators and cultivators. Or to put it more poetically, we are artists and gardeners.

Building culture like this requires grace from God. The principle of 3, 12, 120 is very helpful in seeing this undertaking as bite-sized. Christ is the biggest changer of culture. He had his 12 disciples and 3 that he took particular time with at key occasions, and the 100+ that followed him.

How will we build culture from our families on out to our communities for the glory of the Name of God?

IVP press, pages 23, 93, 97

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