Meeting physical needs of others or Evangelism: which is more important? In what order do we address?

we must look at every human problem [i.e. homelessness, inner-city justice, poverty, domestic abuse,
violence, sexual perversions, etc.] in the four basic dimensions of our human existence physical, mental, spiritual and social.

almost any starting point can be appropriate, depending possibly on what is the most pressing or obvious need. We can enter the circle of missional response at any point on the circle of human need. But ultimately we must not rest content until we have included within our own missional response the wholeness of Gods missional response to the human predicament

Missions may not always begin with evangelism. But mission that does not ultimately include declaring the Word and the name of Christ, the call to repentance, and faith and obedience has not completed its task. It is defective mission, not holistic mission. Christopher Wrights Mission of God, p316, 318-319)

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