I got to be an early reviewer of this book – AMAZING!

Dr. Kapic is a special and unique writer and professor. We have gotten to know them while Justine attended Covenant and I feel like after reading his other books I know him 10x more that he probably knows me!!

Such a helpful book! Here is my Amazon review – go buy it!

What drives you? Are you enough? Do you get real rest? Are you burned with a singed soul in your quest to achieve?

This book is personal. It is from a personal 15-plus year personal journey from this helpful theologian. It is raw and honest from Dr. Kapic but it is personal to me.
About twenty years ago now a management consultant told our team that perfectionism was not achievement. He said perfectionism gets in the way of accomplishment and makes you miserable. Ironically, I got started on a path that I did not know I was in such great need of taking, namely, understanding and embracing that there is one limitless God and the rest of us creatures have limits.

What Kapic does in this book is give rich and deep voice to the nuances and truths of this path of freedom from debilitating perfectionism where nothing is ever enough.
The path to freedom is not simply saying “I have overcome perfectionism.” Kapic shows all the related topics that get at the core of not only understanding our humanness but embracing it. Why? Because God does. He loves process. He saw what he made as good. He redeems the brokenness of sin and is under one huge restoration project to set creation right.

There are things I have never seen in this book:

Humility is rooted not first in our sin but in our created dependency on God, others, and creation in the garden of Eden even before the fall. Kapic argues from Orthodox Christianity that this is not only found in Scripture but well documented throughout the history of Christian thought. The book is a research book like that with no less than 31% of the Kindle edition being in endnotes! He weaves this scholarly level of writing into this work that was inspiring and never got in the way for an average reader like me.

We do not repent for limits. They are not sin. So what limits do we have? Why do we have them? And just as important, how do we live today in light of these limits and find the freedom and peace and hope that God meant for us to have?

That is why you have to read the book!

We are more dependent that we give ourselves credit. We are built to depend on God, others and this earth in ways that I have found to my turmoil resisting. Instead, embracing that this is where good efficiency and achievement and progress lies, it is truly the path of understanding and experiencing love.

This is good news!

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