The Celebrating Celiac Blog is launched!

Click here to see Justine’s blog and be encouraged as she shares in all our senses – in sights and tastes and words – that God is indeed Good. He is restoring all things to himself. This broken world impacts even our bodies and what we eat and how we feel.

Yet, this world is not meant to only be endured, God “gives honey to his people in the desert and satisfies them.” He goes with us while all things are being made new, perfectly one day restored.

Justine, instead of giving up or merely enduring when diagnosed with Celiac disease, chronicles her journey to healing and freedom, even in this broken disease in this “desert wasteland” that cannot sustain our souls.

She writes: “And I’m not just eating modified goodness, but pure goodness that is close to, if not better, than the “real” thing. Instead of being restricted by my disease, I am thriving in its freedom.” – Part 1 of her story on the blog.

Subscribe here to her Instagram account and be notified on new blog posts, and join this conversation, and be encouraged. Click the picture below to the blog.

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