Do we relate to God as a boss to impress or are we resting in the fact he is our loving father?

Photo. Blick sr. Favorite burger joint, 2011

God our Father. Palm 103:1-18 – My notes from a Tim Keller sermon. iTunes

Inro. In Galatians 4:4 it shows the meaning of Christ’s life is to make God my father.

The big idea: if God is my father, then what does that mean for me?

Point one. To live in contentment.
Adopted and a real son.

Point two. To live in grace
V10. We are sinners. Do we relate to God as a boss who loves only while we perform or do we relate to him as a loving, proud father?

Point three. To live in confidence when things go bad.
V8-10. Everything that happens in the life of the follower of Christ is never payback or retribution or discipline done in anger. It is done in beautiful love.

Everything is necessary he sends and nothing he witholdsd is necessary. Why? Because he is your father! – John Newton

Point four. To live in intimacy.
V13. Compassion = very intimate. Romans 8:14-16 says it is the Holy Spirits job to make us cry abba father not just know the father conceptually.

Point four. To live in gratitude.
We do not get what we deserve. V14-16. How? Why is it that on the cross it is the only time Jesus prays and does NOT call God father? Jesus was forsaken by his father so that we would be adopted by him and never be forsaken!! We have an everlasting name.

Application. The Psalmist is telling his soul to look and remember God is our father – because we forget!

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