Chapter 3 release of Turner’s fiction. The Lost City of Zeetie

Chapter 3
They set off, But leaving a note so their parents won’t worry. Boe drove them all the way to the coast of Koy kee, where they floated on a steam boat, their destination was koymany.
Koymany was an island that was in a circle that was very far apart. If you’re on one side, you can’t see the other side!
Legend has it that the lost island of Zeetie is in the middle, but no one can prove its existence! ” So what sport do you think they might have on Zeetie? ” asked JT ” I wander. ” answered Boe in the steamboat.
” SHHHHHH! Quiet! The Captain’s speaking! ” Shhhhhed Buck.
” Hello! This is your Captain speaking! We are in the port of Koymany! Please exit the boat through the front exit, not to mention, Orderly! ”
When they exited, they immediately got on a sailboat to go to the middle of the island. But there was a terrible storm! So they had to cancel.
They rented a 3 storey house. They each have their own master bedrooms, a reading loft, a basement, a big kitchen, 5 bathrooms, 5 showers and 1 pool + a hut tub! And an indoor sports room! For a discount of $50.00! When there parents got home, they read the note!

Hi Mom and Dad,

We have set of to Koymany to find the lost city of Zeetie! We love you so much! Don’t follow us! If the weather’s bad, we had reservations for a 3 storey house! By the time you get this, we will be at Koymany. Tell everyone that all the rider kids will find the lost city of Zeetie!

All your loving kids!

The two parents stood there for some time in awe! They believe in their kids! So they didn’t follow as they asked. ” When is the rain going to clear?!?! ” complained JT.
” Ya know! ” answered Boe. ” There’s a secret Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis ball, and Baseball room! And even a Secret Passageway that you can play Racquetball! ” ” Thanks Boe! ” answered JT.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
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Zeetie’s ending… April 2nd

One comment

  1. Wow, Turner!! This is getting interesting. I am certain that the parents are somewhat worried, even though they believe in their children; however, we are glad they did not follow them. The house they rented sounds HUGE — and with so many rooms and sports facilities, the children will have fun until the rains cease. We can’t wait for the next episode in Chapter 4! We love you — and get well SOON!!! Love, Budda and Mimi xo xo

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