John 7:1-31 – Jesus the prophet – pastor Kyle McClellan

The Big Idea: Jesus prophetic message is met with sarcasm, hostility, confusion and division.

I. What is the office of prophet?

Prophet must have three things: Must be called by God. It is Gods message. The message is always one of deliverance or judgment.

Not a good “time” for sarcasm (vv. 1-8, 30).
Jesus’ family told him: Leave here, and show yourself to the world.
Jesus responds with two greek words for time: Kairos vs. Chronos: kairos is Time in general. Chronos is like nine months of time that will tick off to the birth.

When the hour (chronos) of Christ has come, they will all know it. The plan of God coming into full fulfillment. The cross.

Same song, different verse (v. 7).
Hostility, confusion and division (vv. 9-26).

II. How does Christ fill the office of prophet?

Where’d you go to seminary? (vv. 15-18). Two seminaries at the time in Jerusalem. He went to neither. Vs16. The teaching has a superior source (from the father, v29), and a superior content. The religious leaders do not know it because they do not know the father.

Christ does the three things above required of a prophet. Jesus IS the message of God not simply does he just have the message.

Beware popular theology (vv. 27-31).

III. What do we do with Jesus the prophet?

Since he IS the message, if you reject his message, you reject him.
How can the Bible speak of David as a man after Gods own heart after things like his adulteress affair? Because he repents.

What do we do with a prophet? We repent and heed the warning from God like David did with Nathan. We receive the word, and by Gods grace we endeavor to obey, acting upon it.

Vs 28 is the catch: we don’t figure out Gods message for us in Christ because we are smart enough. It is a work of grace.

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