Hard words. John 6:48-71. Pastor Kyle McClellan

The big idea. Jesus defines his work and ministry in way that religious people cannot accept.

I. Jesus goes old school. He uses three Old Testament images.

Frst, you really want a lifetime of mana – since Jesus just fed them by turning fish and bread into a huge feast? You will die like the Israelites did as they wandered in the wilderness eating only mana though it did last for forty years. What you really want is something to eat where you won’t die. That’s my flesh.

Second, Christ says that he is the Passover lamb. That’s the allusion they have in their mind when they hear blood.

Third, Jesus says that he is Daniel’s “son of man” from his prophecy.

II. Who defines Jesus’ work and ministry?

Jesus defines it, not the religious leaders. These three Old Testament links seem to be random and not connected. But that is the point: Christ does not fit in their box. He is the Daniel-king who both reigns AND dies as the lamb AND is our life.

III. Why do religious folks grumble?

Vs 61. Even the disciples are grumbling. Why? Jesus is failing to meet their expectations. Jesus is exposing their desire to have Christ on their own terms. Our own timelines. Our own agenda. Vs61-62. They grumble because they do not believe. He asks if they would believe if they had seen him in power in heaven with his father? He answers no, they would still not believe.

Jesus does not mean communion here in this passage. Sacraments do not exists yet. It is about belief. Belief here is defined as cohabitation. V56 Whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me, and I in him.

How? By the Spirit who gives new life and causes belief. Vs 63. The flesh is of no avail. Religion. We want our kids to be saved but we can’t make that happen. We must be winsome and loving. On the other hand, we also must not spin a train-wreck child. We need to call out to God, be honest and not spin it, and also do so in community!

IV. On what basis can we accept Jesus’ offer of life?

Has the spirit of God given you life? If not, come and get it. He will!

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