Remembering rightly redeems rejoicing” – Imperatives lead us to Christ

Ecclesiastes 11 – Matt Chandler

The Big idea: “Remembering rightly redeems rejoicing” – Imperatives lead us to Christ

1. Rejoice. Vs 11:9
We rejoice in creation and the shallow things. not in Christ. Creation is to point us to Christ’s glory. We do not have a problem in rejoicing but in what we rejoice.

2. Remember your creator vs 8:11
Is there a way of remembering that fixes the way we brokenly rejoice? What to remember: Job 38. Where were you, Job, when I (God) created the earth. Psalm 147:4. God names the stars. God is beyond us.
Remember his commands are for our good; that we are sinful.

“Remembering rightly redeems rejoicing”

1 Corinthians 11:26 don’t forget what Jesus told you not to forget – namely that the cross is central and integral to ALL of life.

3. In what are we to rejoice?
11:9. Youthful passion is redeemed. Being young is not what we rejoice in because it can be gone in seconds. But that while young he shows us that rejoicing in him is paramount and causing you to see and use your youthful strength from him to rejoice and enjoy Christ.

A. Regenerated hearts: Redemption by Christ. Just like a dad who does not ball out their kids for falling when they are first learning how to walk – no, grace says he still celebrates your steps in Christ. The litmus test on how well we walk in and embrace the gospel daily is what do we do when we fail and fall? If we run from him and try to get ourself right first then we are the older brother.

B. A constant meditation and thinking on the redemption of Christ. Memories that lead us to shame need the gospel applied. Good thing that old Matt is dead because Jesus killed it. Thats how we walk in the power of the gospel. Do not assume the gospel or all they will hear is the moralism. But when the holy spirit convicts its sweet. Have you just conformed to making much of God so that you are made much of or are you really transformed.

C. Walk by the spirit and not by the flesh. Walk in the deep end of God. Unshaken because we are not rejoicing in all the things that can be taken away but in the One who can’t.

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