Leading Worship – Keith Getty, Alistair Begg’s church in Ohio

Leading Worship – Keith Getty, Alistair Begg’s church in Ohio


Big idea: elements to a well done, worshipful service with music.

1. Songs
Must be singable and not feature the guitar or singer, for instance. We accompany the congregation as they sing.

Two key questions: 1. What are the words that we are placing to their minds – words matter. 2. How are we accompanying the congregation in singing? How are we helping and serving them to be able to worship better in song?

Songs that tell the gospel story. It is about the substitutionally work of Christ. 2 cor 5:8

What picture have we given the people of God through the worship songs last month? Is it rich and varied like his character? Is it just a God of judgment only?

2. Planning – fit all parts and topics of the service

Pick the best songs and do them often. The goal should be that the great songs they have memorized all verses. Teaching new songs too often will exhaust the congregation.

3. Mechanics of leading
Leading between songs: the less we say, the better. Get DA Carson’s book on public prayer or Martin Lloyd Jones – too important of a work as the church models after our prayers. Dairy of Private Prayers by John baily and DA Carson Spiritual Reformation book.

Don’t talk too much. Number one error. Especially when doctrine is off and shaky.

Let them hear themselves as often as possible and hear them harmonize by going to acapella and / or quieter whenever possible. Don’t lead with those and not all songs work at this. At his home church it is mostly acoustic versus stadium sound like at the conference so that all can hear and not drag the timing of the song. Vary the big sound with the quiet sound.

4. Music and musicians
Must understand that a concert is what you are in charge of but a worship service you have a boss and are there to serve him as he serves the Lord.

Culture and art: creating a sense of beauty in all we do. Vary the introductions, as long as you can do it well.

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