What is spiritual passion, and where do we get it?

“One Holy Passion”

2010 Theme for the Okoboji Lakes Bible and Missionary Conference

Weekday Morning Sessions

Pastor Kyle McClellan, Grace Presbyterian Church, Fremont, NE

Session 1 of 5: The BASIS for our Holy Passion – No Place, No People

The Big Idea: Our passion is based not upon what we have done, but in what God has done for us in giving us both PLACE and PEOPLE through adoption into His family.

I. We have no place we are truly homeless since (Gen 3:23)

a. Wanderers in the land of Nod, wandering (Gen 4:12, 16)

b. Theres a hope promise to Abraham (Gen 12:1-3, 13:17)

c. Headed home (Ex 6:1-4) but not true home (Heb 3-4)

d. The land (or home) is divided (1 Kings 12:16-20)

e. The land lost (2 Chron. 36:15-22)

f. Abrahams home is not his home (Heb 11:8-10 sojourner in the land of promise)

g. We are referred to as sojourners and exiles according to Peter 2:11

II. We have no people or true family

a. Cain killed Abel (Gen 4:8-9)

b. Jacob and Esau fought and were not in community (Gen 25-27)

c. Joseph sold out by his own blood brothers (Gen 37)

d. You shall be my people (Exodus 6:7)

e. A divided people (1 Kings 12:16-20)

f. The great transition (Ezekiel 37); God will give new hearts by His Spirit since we cannot obey; OT is one story after another of knowing what to do but not doing it;

g. Not my people (Hosea 1:8-11)

III. We have a term for those with no family or home: orphans that is what we are.

If left to ourselves, we will fight to remain orphans. Like in the musical Annie, the orphans all get cleaned up the first time we see a guest show up at the orphanage because they want to be chosen. They cant choose to be adopted.

IV. How does God remedy our lack of place and people?

a. Rev. 21 picture of true home

b. Gentiles are now His people Romans 9:22-26 he has given us His name even after we were once called you are not my people from Hosea, now we are His adopted son with full privileges.

c. We are his true sons because we have the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:12-17)

d. Both now and not yet: there is a not yet part of our adoption (Rom 8:23)

e. The fullness of time the consummation of Gods kairos plan (like the time at full term pregnancy) Gal 4:4-7

f. The fulfillment of Gods eternal purpose and will (Eph 1:3-6) sing this as worship as Paul wrote it not debate it;

Conclusion: The basis for our spiritual passion is not something that we do, nor something that mystically we seek or practice. In contrast, it is grounded on God making us His own people when we were yet sinners, hating him, orphans by nature, and homeless.

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