JC Ryle – Holiness book

My friend Richard has finished the JC Ryle book we distributed. Here is a good paragraph of godly wrestle from him through this good content from JC Ryle:

..[the] chapter in the book called Sanctification. It wasn’t until I read that chapter that I realized how little I knew about the subject! I always knew that salvation and justification is from the Lord I can rest in knowing that He saved me before the foundation of the world. Sanctification is also a work of the Lord. I have learned that while salvation and justification is a one time act, sanctification is an on going process. It involves a continual battle between the old self and the new creation and will not end until Christ either returns or I go to be with Him. I have realized that I will never be sinless and will always be a wretched sinneer, saved by the grace of Almighty God. When I stumble and fall, the Lord is there to forgive me. I find myself like to Apostle Paul, fighting with what I should do, but don’t and with what I shouldn’t do, but do. (Romans 7) I can only be comforted by Romans 8:1 and rest in that. I laugh to myself to see how churches with the teaching of self esteem will even change the words of hymns to be careful not to offend people. “Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a soul like me.” They think that by changing the word wretch with the word soul, that will make it an “easier pill to swallow.” I pray that as I wage war, that I would never tire of puting on the armor daily. One final note, many churches today sing songs of praise and worship to God which is good. But one question always plagues me, what ever happen to the song “Onward Christian soldier”?

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