In a modern, financial world, what good is a “Good Shepherd”?

Growing up in San Jose, California, a long way from a rural framework of understanding, I have come to see the astounding leadership qualities illustrated through both the Old and New Testaments in the Good Shepherd motif. God is said to be a strong “shepherd“ of Israel. Jesus comes on the scene, and he connects the dots that he is this Good Shepherd fulfilled from the Old Testament.

But what is a bad shepherd? What is a successful but bad leader in today’s business context? What does this Good Shepherd mean for how I am led today, and how does this change how I think about leading teams and teams of people?

There is a good shepherd: Jesus is the Good Shepherd to whom all other shepherds pointed in the Old Testament by – bringing his people to God,
– sacrificing for them to thrive,
– and knowing them intimately.

Click HERE or below on the picture to read the quick “magazine” article to help frame our work and drive it forward.

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