Is business neutral at its core or mainly evil or is it actually good and a tool for good designed by God?

What were some of the false premises I believed about business that made me run from studying business as a major in College? Then, how did God change my thinking to more align with his Word and love this realm of business which is his idea?

Click HERE for the full article and summary quotes from a most helpful book in a 4 page summary PDF or read the main journal entry below:

  1. Pursuing business studies was a vailed attempt at hiding your real greed. I wanted to do something worthwhile and not be around greed all day. I had only one category of work outside the church – it is to be done with selfishness. The truth is that work is good. It is designed by God before the fall even to be good. It was his idea. Even after the fall work is good and the gospel even is transforming that. Greed is real and a real temptation but that does not negate the original design and essence of work being a tool for good. Wayne Grudem in his book Business for the Glory of God had a profound impact on me 20 years ago. The premise and opening of the book affirms this: work is not evil nor is it even neutral, but work is designed by God for good and his glory.
  2. Riches from business were only good when given in large portions to the church work: The only moral reason or purpose of profits were to fund ministry. I did not think anyone pursued business with a good conscience but if they ended up in business then it was only “good” work if they gave the bulk of their money to the church. It was a “necessary-evil” argument. I now see that they are many benefits as to WHY work and what makes work fundamentally good is not having a Bible study there weekly or sharing your faith [though these certainly can be good] but that fundamentally work is ordained and blessed by God.
  3. People in business were in second-tier work beneath full-time ministry and blue collar work was third-tier: The jobs in business were for people who did not have the gifts of teaching God’s word effectively. What I have now come to see is that there are all kinds of work, in and outside the church, and whatever God calls you to and gifts you with to do is equal valued work before God, even though the world values it with different hourly amounts. God got his hand dirty in creation and worked.
  4. Net Worth (Equity on the balance sheet) is THE scorecard for those who played in this game, and I would never really win or beat others from Wheaton. Now I see that net worth on the balance sheet has nothing to do with your value or worth as an image bearer of God. It IS a powerful tool by which we can do good and grow our business whether it is running your family’s bills and “home business” or a full fledged corporation. Net Equity on the balance sheet is how companies build. It is what is leveraged for more revenue opportunities. It is NOT a reflection of my value even though that is the broken way that most of the world looks at it. Therefore, work in business is not better because you beat others; it is good work because God built work to be good and all work has this intrinsic value before God.

Full notes HERE in PDF

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