The Apostle Luke tells quite a compelling story of hope: Study Notes on Acts – Part 1

Pastors Ryan and Jim are about half-way through or so preaching through the book of Acts. I came across a small paperback from my grandfather’s library on Acts that they went through as a “small group” / “prayer and share group” back in 1972 when they first moved to California from Chicago when he retired from International Harvester in finance. I have enjoyed adding a few other books from my library and podcasts as well to add notes alongside this rich study of the book of Acts.

The big idea: The kingdom is going somewhere. It is expanding. The wonders and miracles are signs that one day all things will be restored to the Father including this material world.

Click here acts study notes part 1 to see the full pdf or click on the picture below:

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  1. Love studying the Word with you and the family on Sundays! 😁 As we have been learning about the events recorded in Acts, it has been so inspiring to notice the living, active, sharp qualities of the WORD OF GOD—

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