What does the Apostle Peter say about brokenness? Is there hope in this broken world?

The Apostle Peter’s first letter is written to a group of people who are feeling the brokenness of the world and are faced with what do they do with that now?

Do they just give up? Pretend the world is not broken? Go back to living like they used to or however they feel? Give into bitterness? Hide?

Peter addresses this brokenness head-on.

THEME: In our short sufferings in this broken world, Christ is both our savior through it, and he is our example on living well in it. This living hope that we have been given makes all the difference.

Click HERE to see the full PDF of notes and prayers and outlines and sermon notes, etc. of each verse in this letter and thoughts on how it fits into the whole of the book. Or you can click on the picture below to open then download the PDF to read or print:

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