Are we all really theologians, philosophers, and archaeologists?

Kayaks & Rainbows, July 2020

A thoughtful and good reflection:

Every one of us is a theologian.
We are always repeating some kind of belief system to ourselves.

Everyone of us as a philosopher.
We are always discussing meaning and purpose with ourselves.

Everyone of us is an archaeologist.
We are always digging through the mounds of experiences that is our life,
making sense of
where we have been,
what we have done,
what you have done,
and who we have been with.

We are always doing this because we are all image bearers.
We are created to
and worship.

In our seeking to know
we are searching for You.

Everyone of us is a worshiper,
because every one of us is made for You.
Everyone of us is searching for what can only be found in You.

every one of us needs Your grace.
For there is no life,
there is no hope,
there is no knowing,
that does not begin with knowing You.

— My Heart Cries Out, Paul David Tripp, p24.

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