7 years: still feel searing pain and real hope in God, somehow commingled because of his help, grace, and Spirit.

Missing Jackson terribly. I put this 5×7 on his grave stone last night. Glad to have the day off to be quiet with Jodi and the kids, missing Justine’s presence with me while she is in Chattanooga. Thankful for the truth and hope in Will’s song. Click the picture below to read the lyrics and my reflection.

Click HERE to listen to Will sing this helpful song he wrote that I got to record then film while he and Justine were with us in Fremont. As Jodi reminds me, “both/and’ – we grieve deeply today and many days like this that bite at us AND (not OR or AFTER or BUT), we feel the refuge of A God who has a mighty name like a strong tower, we can run into it and are safe, through some turn of grace by his son.


  1. Sent from my iPhone

    Eric ~ loved reading these words from your heart in the midst of this hard and difficult week. I’m going to copy the words of Will’s song ~ we really loved hearing the recording! 💕Mom

  2. You bring hope. You bring peace. You bring joy and relief… …
    And you found me like a lost sheep.
    Thank you Jesus❤️
    Thank you for sharing Eric. Words of hope and inspiration for everyone.

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