“With COVID-19, we can no longer imagine we are separate from the earth” – Read this Article by Kelly Kapic to help make sense of this Pandemic

Click kapic covid thoughts or the picture for the 2 page article from World Magazine.

Photo: April 16th late winter heavy, slow snow – “COVID picture – frozen places normally for enjoying relationships in good creation”

“In truth, we are no more vulnerable now than we were in November, we are just more aware of it. We continually depend on our relationship to the earth and to each other, but it was easier for us to pretend otherwise six months ago. We are always tempted to ignore our need for others. We love the myth of “independence.” Circumstances like this remind us that part of being human is that God designed us to live in relation to—which includes healthy dependence on—God, neighbor, earth, and self. Tragically, sin has affected all four of these relationships, so that rather than loving God, we harden our hearts toward him. And rather than loving our neighbors, we often view them as competition, or a burden, or at least a complication to avoid.” – Kapic

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