There is hope to be found, even in tears. We wrote a short article on 5 reasons we can have hope in tears.

Click the picture below to read the 2 page article:


  1. Excellent article, it’s so easy to live in the USA and when life throws a curve ball at us – we think God is not for us.
    God is for us and is walking with us through the storm.

  2. Oh, Eric! These are beautiful words which have come straight out of your heart as you reflect on the disaster of life’s circumstances and yet stand firmly on the Words of Scripture. We are always blessed by the conviction of your heart ~ by the words that flow from your heart committed to the LORD of lords and KING of kings. Praise God that as we face disaster, disease, devastation, and death we can know beyond the shadow of a doubt that our Great God will meet us where we are and carry us beyond our hurts and grief. He will do ALL things for His Glory and for our good. Thank you, Eric! Love from Dad and Mon

  3. Thank you, Eric, for such a wonderful article. I read through it twice before reading it aloud to my two boys. We all found solace in your words. Things we couldn’t even articulate yet

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