CWS is back in Omaha!

I know it looks like Jimmy and I went to the CWS kick-off game yesterday with Peter Parker, but the dangerous selfie we took while walking down forty steps was not to snag Spider-Man but see if we could get the Circle One!

Jimmy has been taking me to games since probably 2002 at the old stadium. Thankful to God how we can move from baseball strategy, to DH v PH, to Chuck Colson and Watergate from Ken Burns and Vietnam documentary, to family, to theology, missions, and the list goes on – all while Jimmy is connecting with everyone around us – to his “new best friends” and also the people that have the season tickets too right by his.

Here is a great quote from Chuck Colson that ties to Hebrews 2 where is says that Christ was not ashamed to call us weak, sinful, redeemed men and women “brothers”:

“For the rest of my life I would know and feel what it is like to be imprisoned, the steady, gradual corrosion of a man’s soul, like radiation slowly burning away tissue. Just as God in the Person of Christ was not ashamed to call us his brothers, so it was that I should not be ashamed to call each of these fellow inmates my brothers. Furthermore, I was to love each one of them. And would I—if I had not been here? Never, I admitted to myself. Out of these startling thoughts came the beginning of a revelation—that I was being given a prison ministry, both inside while serving as a prisoner and then someday later on the outside! Already I could see and feel that prison life did not provide the creative correction and training needed for a man to be able to make a new beginning on the outside. Instead it was geared to use the men as labor, punish them if necessary and disregard their inner spirits as of no consequence.”

Honest, raw, inspiring…

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