What is the flow of the author’s argument in a text? What is honor and empathy, and where do we see it?

Dr. Thomas Schneider of Southern Baptist Seminary and John Piper, retired pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minnesota, have spent much time writing about and using “arcing” as a way to study Scripture.

One single thought with a subject and verb is placed on each line. Ten there are 18 main ways each thought connects to other thoughts around it in its context. Then a group of thoughts also connects in the passage to other groups and the “arc” if you will can be drawn or “blocked” moving from right to left above connecting these thoughts of the author.

Bible Arc is an app that can help with this as well. Here is a Pages Template that you are welcome to if you are exploring down these paths of study tools. Email me and I will send you a blank version to fill out as you study another text of Scripture.

This passage has one main command – have this humble attitude. It defines what it is which includes honor and empathy, and Christ is held up as the example of what this looks like. May what Christ did in his humility melt our hearts in ways that by his Spirit we begin to overflow with this deep character in serving others like this!

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