Judgement and Mercy. 2 Samuel 12. Pastor Kyle

Intro. This is part two of a two part sermon. David had done all of his sending. Now God has sending to do of his own.

God sends Nathan to David to lovingly and mercifully confront David in parable form in his sin with Bathsheba.

The big idea. Experiencing the mercy of God presupposes that we see ourselves as deserving the judgment of God.

I. A parable turns personal. Vs1-8

The people of Israel could think what a beautiful story this is as their king takes the widow of a valiant soldier who died in battle and makes her his queen.

Nathan does not send an email or memo but he tells David a story – the power of narrative to humankind. Jesus uses this in both telling parables as well as recounting the storyline of the Old Testament.

This parable turns on David, and he is the evil protagonist killing his poor neighbors only sheep.

II. The heart of the matter. Vs9

David did not make David King. Rather, God took this shepherd and did it.

King Saul rejected God, and God rejected him as King. We don’t see that happen here. Why? Equal sins. So why?

Because five chapters before this God makes a covenant with David to always have him and his descendants on the throne forever.

God never breaks his covenant promises. He is faithful. He makes a covenant not because we deserve it but because he pursues us one way.

Could David be the serpent-crusher we hoped for since the first promise of Genesis 3:15? He is not, but from his line will come Jesus.

III. The very public judgment of God. Vs 10-12, 14-23

Three fold judgment:

  • The son will die.
  • Absalom, his son, will have relations with David’s wives in public.
  • David’s house will divide in strife.

What David did in secret, God will do in the open.

What does this say about God? Galatians 6:7 – don’t be deceived, God is not mocked – whatever a man sows he reaps.

By not mentioning Bathsheba until the end of this text, the writer is reminding us how much this sin has objectified her and dehumanized her. She has been used as a task in the ugliness of David’s sin. David made her an object of his lust not a person to be treasured, served and provided for in covenant for her thriving.

We do this in our sin too.

IV. The mercy of God. V13

David’s sin has been put away. He will not die forever because of this sin. Why has God done this? Because God is both just AND merciful.

The communion table reminds us of that today: God is holy and how can he forgive and welcome at the same time? GOD’S justice is satisfied AND his mercy is on display.

Come and feast on his mercy because in Christ our sin has been put aside as followers of Christ.

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One comment

  1. It’s good to be back with the rich and convicting teaching at our Grace Church. The music is well-chosen. and the words bring us to the Throne of GOD! We are grateful!

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