Same sin – different day. Genesis 20. Pastor Kyke

Woodstock, IL

Intro. Lot, the nephew of Abraham, does not enter the storyline anymore. Which is too bad because we feel better about ourselves comparing us to Lot as we all want to be like Abraham.

However, the best men are men at best – Alastair Begg quote. Abraham botches it yet again and sins in unbelief. Does he really think so little of God that God can’t protect him?

The Big Idea: God graciously delivers his deceitful prophet Abeaham and guards His promise.

I. Examine your modus operandi. Vs1-2, 11-13.

Abraham is still wandering unlike Lot who had settled with the city of Sodom. The city offers protection and wandering Abraham is in constant danger. Moving to a new place Sarah, Abraham’s beautiful wife, is taken by King Abimalech.

Abraham blackmails his wife – if you love me you will do this, you will say you are my sister so the king will not kill me when he takes you.

This is a slimy transaction that Abraham pulls. He twists the truth and explains to the king she actually sort of IS my sister- from the same father really.

Abraham is willing to negotiate with his sin. This is what Abraham premeditated to do and has done before to save his own neck.

Romans 7 Paul says I have the desire to do what is right but not the ability to carry it out. That is Abraham here. I do what I do not want to do.

In some ways this passage is very discouraging. You did this before, Abraham. But then we look in the mirror and we do that same repeat sin(s) too. Don’t make peace with your sin and negotiate with it.

II. God guards His promise. Vs3-10.

Look at how Moses tells of God’s intervention: "but God…" How does God protect his promise? How does he protect Sarah from being compromised?

He appears to Abimalech in a dream. He calls the king a dead man not Abraham. We see something of how God considers adultery.

The faithfulness to the covenant is not based on the failures of Abraham but the rescuing faithfulness of God. This story is not about Abraham – it is about God.

In communion the same message is being made: you don’t make the statement – God does – he says I will be your God and you will be my people.

III. We need a prophet to intercede for our restoration. Vs14-18

God tells Abimalech that this mess or a prophet Abraham needs to intercede for him so that the wombs of those in Abimalech’s house would be open from this curse.

Was Sarah encouraged or discouraged that Abraham prayed and the wombs were open? What about her womb? When will her’s be open?

Jesus is our perfect prophet who intercedes for the healing and complete restoration of God’s people. However, unlike Abraham, Jesus bears our iniquities not his own.

Abraham interceded on behalf of his own iniquities that he brought on the household of Abimalech. Jesus is the better Abraham who intercedes NOT on behalf of his own sin but ours!

Conclusion: Our God is faithful even when we are not. We have a reminder of that in the text and again at the communion table today.

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