Will God Do Right? Genesis 18. Pastor Kyle

Before the Internet, people wrote letters to one another across the miles to get to know one another. But there is all the difference in the world to know about somebody and know somebody. We get to know someone through asking questions.

There are two key questions in the text today by which we move from knowing about God to knowing God.

Question one: Is anything to hard for the Lord?

Question two: Shall not the just judge of the world do right?

We have been reminded again this week with the passing away of middle school music teacher Dr. O’Leary from the car crash that we must have a something solid in a broken world.

The Big Idea: God reveals that he can be trusted to act rightly through life’s varied situations.

I. Table fellowship with a friend. Vs1-8

The Bible says Abraham was a friend of God. What do we do with friends? We eat with them.

Each week we fellowship with God and eat around his table – the communion table.

II. We learn of gracious hessed and the first question. Vs9-15

For 23 years Sarah was told she would have a child. Now she is past child bearing years now and even when she was in those years her womb was shut up and she was barren.

God knows how hard it is to believe his promises when the reality and facts around us speaks to the contrary.

Out of self protection Sarah had become hard and cynical.

God understands and pursues her in love in her broken hardness. God lovingly asks:

Question one: Is anything to hard for the Lord?

Hesed is the Old Testament word for covenant relationship of love – unfailing love.

III. No need for tea leaves or chicken bones. Vs16-21

God speaks plainly to him about the future. Abraham did not need to throw the bones and discern the future because God told him what the future would be – he would have a son and Sodom will be destroyed.

We do not need to throw the bones either – Gid has revealed himself in his word to us. If we want to know God better we need only to turn in the book and read what God is like.

IV. The just judge and the second question. Vs22-23

God knows. He is not judging on hearsay. He knows the wickedness of Sodom.

Question two: Shall not the just judge of the world do right?

Moralistic therapeutic deism – that is what many people believe about God today. But that is not what we see in the text. God rightly judges his creation – no one will ever accuse God of wrongdoing. No one will be dismissed on a technicality. His justice is perfect.

V. So what? Vs19, 22-23

A. Command your children and your household.

This is a parenting verse. Parents, teach your children to know God. Salvation is God’s work.

We often parent in a way that we don’t want our kids to miss out. The Bible does not command us to enter our kids in all kinds of sports and music programs, but rather we are commanded to teach them to know the Lord.

B. Intercede based on God’s revealed character.

Abraham is praying for the souls of the righteous. He knows God is just and judges sin.

He knows God is not a vending machine. We don’t need more stuff. What we need is more people who know God. We need to know more of him – not about him.

The table today says to you that there is forgiveness in Christ for you because he has already poured out his wrath against his son for your sin like Sodom.

Come. You too in Christ, like Abraham, can be called a friend of God. Come, know him.

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