If endurance produces character, what character are we achieving?

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How does Christ’s kingdom come in? Is it “his turn to eat” with his disciples from the wells of lavishness on the backs of the people as it’s their turn to reign as kings?

No. If Christ’ kingdom is upside down with its values of self sacrifice vs selfish dictatorship, then the manner he ushers it in is also upside down – see Peter cutting off the ear of the soldier in the garden and Jesus rebuking Peter.

Christ takes down and is destroying the corrupt, broken, “right-side-up” nature of the kingdom of this world with these values deep in his character of the “upside-down” kingdom.

Guess what, his character is what you are being transformed into, and it is a train that has left the station according to Romans 8:29.

So, what will you look like? What are you becoming?

Answer: study how Christ responds and moves in the gospels. His amazing and beautiful character is what you are being made into! Listen as he speaks tenderly to outcasts, artfully addresses the power hungry, humbly tires himself out for others, perfectly counsels the hurting, etc. see Christ…

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