Six quick observations from Jesus calming the sea.

Stilling life’s storms. Alastair Begg. Truth for life. Two part series.

Six observations on Mark 4 when Jesus calms the sea while he and the disciples are in the boat:

A. The storm was not punishment but came after obedience. Jesus said go to the other side and they did and this is what happens – their boat about capsizes and they die. Christ’s followers are not exempt from life’s wicked storms.

B. Jesus slept. He was human and tired. He was one hundred percent God and one hundred percent man.

C. Even followers of Christ say dumb things. The desciples woke Jesus up by saying, “Don’t you love us?” They experienced real fear and real doubt too even though Jesus was right there. Abraham also did this when he told pharaoh his wife was his sister.

D. We need a fresh view of Jesus. He made the sea and rules over it. It is no surprise the wind and the waves obey him – he made them.

E. His rebuke was for the wind not his knuckle-headed band of disciples. He is abounding in loving kindness. Run to him.

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