What on earth does the Transfiguration event have to do with anything? Tim Keller KINGS CROSS: Chapter 10 – the mountain

contrast of mt. Sinai, Moses, the cloud, fear, etc with mt. of transfiguration
a. Moses reflected and wanted to see Gods glory – Christ was glory
b. Peter wants to build 3 tabernacles – Christ tabernacled among us and no more need for priests, sacrifices, and tabernacles as he is God among us.
c. the three disciples experience worship – glimpse the other side of the door (CS Lewis quote) and in the shekina glory of God
d. why did jesus say dont talk about this? It prefigures the resurrection and also second coming of christ when all things will be restored to Him.
e. it gives God’s comfort for the death ahead: “The transfiguration is not just a miraculous parlor trick to convince the disciples of Jesus’s deity. It is an experience of collective worship that they are going to need for what’s ahead.”
The disciples knew and had just confessed that Jesus was God but now these three KNEW it and felt God’s awesome presence and love in worship!

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  1. Eric,
    May God’s Grace and Mercy be with you and your family at this time.
    Know that we are praying for you and your family
    Carter (Anna’s father)

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