Are we capable of giving unfailing, totally unconditional love?

St. Louis, Mo, 2013

“Obviously there are healthy people and unhealthy people; some are more able to love than others. But at the core Vanstone is right: Nobody can give anyone else the kind or amount of love they’re starved for. In the end we’re all alike, groping for true love and incapable of fully giving it. What we need is someone to love us who doesn’t need us at all. Someone who loves us radically, unconditionally, vulnerably. Someone who loves us just for our sake. If we received that kind of love, that would so assure us of our value, it would so fill us up, that maybe we could start to give love like that too. Who can give love with no need? Jesus. Remember the dance of the Trinity—the Father, the Son, and the Spirit have been knowing and loving one another perfectly for all eternity. Within himself, God has forever had all the love, all the fulfillment, and all the joy that he could possibly want. He has all the love within himself that the whole human race lacks. And the only way we’re going to get any more is from him.”

The love we have been on a quest for both receiving and giving is ultimately in Christ – run to him!

P.s. if you don’t have this book, get it! It’s a game changer – read it slow and many times!

Excerpt From: Keller, Timothy. “King’s Cross.” PENGUIN group, 2010-12-28. iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright.

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