Filtering our present through the eternity lenses…

E and J, Valentines day, 1991.

“How do you weigh your experience? If you only weigh your experiences on the scale of this present moment, maybe you wonder if following God is worth it…did I obey for all these years for my life to be like this? I thought He would supply my needs. I thought he was committed to bring good things into my life…You will be haunted by these questions if you place your experience on the wrong scale. Weighing it on the here & now will always cause you to end up questioning the goodness & faithfulness of God. Using the scale of eternity is the only proper way to weigh our experiences. Only then do we get a valid sense of their significance. Romans 8:18-21. Using the scale of eternity, Paul looks back on his experiences and says, ‘It has been worth it.'”

Paul Tripp, Forever. Quote from his book by Jodi…

One comment

  1. Eric…very clearly stated…surely, we need to live life with the clear understanding of His Grace in light of Eternity! Hugs…Dad

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