What do you think of your culture?

Photo. By Jodi Blick, Pacific Ocean 2012

“Some of us are not happy with the culture in which we have been placed. We might wish it were more conservative or more liberal, more urban or more rural, more like Calvin’s Geneva or more like America’s 1950s. But God has put us right where we are and, like Daniel, we have before us the task of serving our neighbors by learning their language, their literature, their aesthetics, and their priorities. When we understand our culture we can bring glory to God and great good to our neighbor by using creative cultural vehicles to bring God’s word to life for them.”

Are we a good student of our culture? Is our heart big with heaviness for the people inside that culture? What are the idols that the culture has, and what are the bridges we can use to bring the glory of the joy of the gospel to a people?

Quote from Liturgy, Music, and Space, chapter 9, by Isaac Wardell

One comment

  1. Awesome to consider……”for such a time as this……”. Just went to a technology seminar right before the start of school and one of the speakers challenged us with these ideas of…..relating, learning the language and tools, speaking in narratives….to reach this present generation for Christ! Have a blessed day. ❤

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