The supremacy of Christ – Day one of Okoboji Camp by Dr, Lyle Dorsett, former Wheaton College professor when Jodi and I were there.

Photo. By Sr. Blick 2012, 244 Grand Ave., Grand Haven, MI

Dr. Lyle Dorsett. Day one. The supremacy of Christ.


Our culture in North America has lost its true north. As an historian, Lyle has studied prisoners of war in WWII compared to POWs from Vietnam. Upon release there was much infighting between our soldiers. Why was that common unlike POWs in WWII? After speaking with a General of the airforce who was the then Comendant of the Airforce Academy, he reached these three conclusions: there was pride in wanting to be photographed one over another, there was competition between the branches of the military to not work as a comprehensive team, and people were taught that they themselves were true north with nothing higher than themselves.

The general told these college professors largely in the 60’s they in the universities taught three things differently than what most soldiers in WWII believed. There was the unraveling of thinking that it was too cool to like your country and more cool to hate it, criticize it and burn its flag once in a while. It also became cool to think that you didn’t need family and to make fun of any family that valued or looked like Leave it to Beaver family. It became cool to think that there is not a God. Most of these three pillars are what most soldiers had going into WWII – respect for country, family, and a belief if not a love for God – all of these things are higher than ourselves. Vietnam vets learned largely in universities and culture that the self was higher than nation, family, and God.

The big idea: Jesus Christ is the supreme true north for our compass.

Why should you put your faith in him? Why is he the superior compass true north than urwelves? Because this is no Hindu god or Budist theology – this is THE SUPREME God, Jesus Christ!

Jesus is supreme:

A. In heaven and earth. Matt 28:18:20
B. in creation. Col. 1:15-17
C. In revealing God. Heb. 1
D. Over the church. Col. 1:18
E. in history. 1 Cor. 15:24-26
F. Over hell and hades. 1 Pet. 3:19, 4:6
G. Over the spiritual world. 2 Cor 10:3-6
H. Over all eternity. John 14:1-4, 1:17-20, chapter 21

Heaven will be a delight to learn everyday more of the spectacular nature of Christ and all he is and has done! John 17:3. Eternal life is to know the father and Jesus Christ whom he has sent.

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