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Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church: Fort Lauderdale, FL Sermon Podcast

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Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church: Fort Lauderdale, FL Sermon Podcast

Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church: Fort Lauderdale, FL


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Here are my notes from this sermon – worth a few listens to!!!

Liberation from My Idols – 1 Corinthians – Liberate Conference 2012 – Scotty Smith, Tucker and Cathy’s Pastor

How do we see our idols? One way is to look at the intersection of your deepest hurts and your sinful nature. Where do these two streets cross? Often we have a great wound that we do not know what to do with and how to think about it and how to deal with it. Often we have just applied a trite application of Romans 8:28 to it and gloss over it. Hint: look there at this intersection.

Therefore, Christ is not only the savior from yourself but also your greatest healer.

Christ is the liberator from my rules that I have put in place to deal with the hurt and idols; he liberates me from my rules that ironically have not brought freedom but a prison.

Key Question: What rules have we put in place and why? How do we get free?

I. Liberation presupposes our justfication.

II. Liberation involves my own personl idols – it is not theoretical
A. What do I look to for meaning?
B. What do I look to for purpose?
C. Do I seek power, the power to have to be right, even through Reformed Theology and pushing that on others?
D. Am I working to get and keep a painless heart?

III. Liberation is through the ongoing process in the lyric, music, and dance of the gospel.

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