The Glory of the Triune God. John 17 – My notes from a Tim Keller sermon. iTunes

The big idea: how does the doctrine of the trinity further explain the glory of God?

Point one. The ancient love of the trinity.
Vs1-5 explains the ‘dance’ of the trinity as told by CS Lewis. God is infinitely happy in the trinity. God crated the world to share this happiness. Christ worships God and the Holy Spirit and does not live for his own glory. This is also how we were made.

Point two. The ultimate hour.
The hour is the hour of Christ’s death.
A. In vs. Christ prays for glory at the cross NOT after it. This is total submission and glory in the godhead B. Infinitely worse than divorce.
C. Servanthood is the meaning of life.

Point three. The welcoming hour.
Jesus was utterly foresaken of the father so that we would never be.

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