Chapter 2 of The Lost City of Zeetie, by Turner Blick

" Is it about sports champions? " asked JT

" Of course not, It’s obviously about a hairstylist. " cut in Kelly, in one of those I’m-a-right-person kind of ways.

" Okay… none of you got it right… it’s about the lost city of Zeetie: A mythical island where it had an unlimited supply of oil an coal. People that made it back: started stories about Mythical Flobbits that work and defend there. " speeched Buck. " People who have made peace with the Flobbits, made it back with a 124lbs of coal as a souvenir of Zeetie. "

" What if we find Zeetie, and prove its existence in the earth. " shouted Kelly.

" Now what are you Mischievous people doing now? " said Alex.

" The lost city of Zeetoo! " said Shon

" We’re actually talking about the lost city of Zeetie! " corrected Buck.

" Oh yea… " said Shon

" That city’s a myth! " said Alex.

" We’ll all have to find out! I know I may be too mature for this but I’m in on the adventure! " said Kelly

" Me too! " said Shon

" Me three! " said Buck

" Are you in Alexandria? " said Kelly

" Well if I can bring all my books and stuff, AND get proof that Zeetie is real… Well… " Exclaimed Alex.

" Just say yes! " said Buck

" Okay! On one condition… You can’t tell anyone in the school that we’re doing this… But if we find it, and get proof, then we tell them… Okay? " said Alex.


" Before we answer that: I just want to say… I’m in too! " said JT


The four opened the door and out came… BOE!

" Boe! " said all four.

" JINKS! You three owe me a soda! " said Buck

" Not fair! " said Shon

" That’s the rules. " said Kelly

Boe was standing in disbelief for minutes; awe of how they were getting along together.

" So what’s the reason you all are getting along. " said Boe

" We’re going on a adventure to find Zeetie! Will you quit the army and help us? " questioned Shon

" Are you in on this too Kelly? Tell you what, if Charlie joins, I’ll join! " said Boe

" I know how to speak B.L.A.H. ( Baby Language Academy of Hieroglyphs.) I’ll ask him. " said Shon

Shon: " thuuuuuuuuuup thiiiiiiiiiiiiip! ( Hello Charlie. )

Charlie:" thup thoop thaaaaaaaaaa! ( Hello big brother. )

Shon: " thooooooooooooooooooooooooooop thip thup thap flaokooooop!"

( Do you want to go on a ride? )

Charlie: " toooooop thip! " ( Yeah! Cool! )

" Yeah, he’s in! " said Shon

" Then………… I’m in! " said Boe

So off they went!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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Zeetie’s ending… April 2nd

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  1. Turner, we cannot wait for Chapter 3! Do you suppose we could go along on your journey? No, it’s just for YOU! That’s O.K. — just keep those chapters coming because we are holding our breath to see where you are going to take us readers on this exciting adventure!!! We love you! Budda and Mimi xo xo

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