the first installment of a story from the pen (keyboard :-) of Turner Blick, our 4th grader…

The lost city of Zeetie

By: Turner Blick

Photo: Archive picture, taken in 1874

Chapter 1

In 1863 a baby child was born: Buck Rider. The Rider family was so thankful. Buck was the third oldest out of 4 brothers and 2 sisters. The oldest child was Boe, a boy, who was 19, and in the war. The second oldest was Kelly, a girl and was 15 and had blond hair.

Buck was the third oldest, a boy, 12, and had a deep dark sandish color of hair. The fourth oldest was Alex. Short for Alexandria the 19th. A girl, 11, and she had the color of hair that’s like the color of dawn. She always got A+ on every assignment in school, while the others never got higher than a B+. The fifth oldest was John Travis. ( After his two great grandpas.) A boy, 8, and he loves to compete, no one in the entire school, even all the staff can’t beat him at anything sports wise!

The sixth oldest was Shon, a boy, 5, and he has a extremely large imagination! Some say he invented all the myths at age 3! And last, the youngest, Charlie, 1, and loves to make farting noises! It’s 1868 in Kai kai…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

” But mom! I don’t want keemy! ” whined Shon. Keemy is a Anchovy and a Artichoke blended and morphed into a square.

” You get over it! Here’s how I do it, I plug my nose, then eat the keemy, and you wouldn’t have tasted anything! ” said Buck.

” Thanks Buck! You’re the best! ” said Shon.

” At what? ” said JT.

” What do you mean? ” said Shon.

” You said, Thanks Buck, you’re the best! And I’m asking… at what? ” said JT in one of those bratty voices.

” At giving advice! ” Answered Shon.

” I bet I can give better advice than you! ” interrupted Kelly, Giving one of those bratty looks.

” Stop it! Both of you! ” said Shelly. The mom.

” Now, your mother’s right kids! ” entered Rob. The dad.

” Kids like you shouldn’t be fighting all the time! ”

” Well, I don’t argue with my relatives!” said Alex.

” I don’t have to! When I get good grades and read non-fiction books all day. I am better nurtured, more Academic than my relatives, so, why argue, with people that get the same and lower grade than me! Now, I’ll be off to learn the rest of Quantum Physics! ” Said Alex. as her voice trailed up to the up-stairs…

” Well, I must be off to the Market, the have a 99% off for a whole 1 sector of the Market! Can’t miss that! ”

Exclaimed Shelly.

” I must be off to the bank! Kelly, you’re in charge until Boe gets here. Bye. ”

” Guess what I found out in a History book! ” Exclaimed Buck pointing at a section in the history book…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Coming soon… January 13th

Coming soon… January 20th

Coming soon… January 27th

Coming soon… February 3rd

Coming soon… February 10th

Coming soon… February 17th

Coming soon… February 24th

Coming soon… February 31st

Coming soon… March 7th

Coming soon… March 14th

Coming soon… March 21st

Zeetie’s ending… April 2nd


  1. Turner- it is great to see that you love writing! Keep up the great work. Someday maybe you will be a famous author and I can come to your book signing!
    Mrs. Millard

  2. Turner, we are so proud of you!!! Wow! You have excellent writing skills — you apply grammar rules that you are learning, you write interesting sentences, you create great dialogue, and you have an incredible imagination. We loved Chapter 1 — now I am off to Chapter 2! Love, Mimi — and Budda, too!

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