JC Ryle has a great quote about the God-man…a great reminder on why Christmas is so key! Why did Jesus have to be both God AND man?

Photo by Sr. Blick, the May Museum, Fremont, NE. 2011

“Had my Savior been God only, I might perhaps have trusted Him, but I never could have come near to Him without fear. Had my Savior been Man only, I might have loved Him, but I never could have felt sure that He was able to take away my sins. But, blessed be God, my Savior is God as well as Man, and Man as well as God—God, and so able to deliver me—Man, and so able to feel with me. Almighty power and deepest sympathy are met together in one glorious Person, Jesus Christ, my Lord. Surely a believer in Christ has a strong consolation. He may well trust, and not be afraid.”

Click on this link to our blog where this whole public domain book is in a Word document. Go to page two, the table of contents, and click on chapter 12 from where this quote comes.


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