Parenting reveals our need for the gospel!

Jodi found this great quote in reading the book Give Them Grace.

…God loves his enemies, and he can infuse us with grace that will make us lay down our lives for them too. [When our children disobey, though they are certainly NOT our enemies, it…] is a verification of the gospel: we produce sinful children because we are sinners, but God loves sinners.”

“Do we see our children’s struggles as our Savior approaching us in love to make his grace strong in our lives? Do we believe that we must have this kind of failure and humiliation so that Christ’s grace will flow through us to our family? Do we want his grace that much? Do we really want to glorify him, whatever the cost?”

Quote from the book Give Them Grace. The chapter was called “Weak parents & their strong Savior”.

Parenting is messy. Thanks to God we have a savior in Christ not only a great example!

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