A spirit has not flesh and bones. Easter sermon. Luke 24:37-43 – My notes from a Tim Keller sermon. iTunes

(admittedly a corny, un-manly picture to post, but maybe it conveys “being still at home”??!?)

Intro. This passage is where Jesus eats fish with the desciples after he is raised from being dead. If he we just spirit after he was raised, why did he eat and have flesh and bones? Answer. He was more than spirit. He was in the resurrected body.

The big idea: the message of easter is that Christ does indeed have flesh and bones now. So what diffence does the resurrection make?

Point one. The resurrection says something to your mind. It changes the way you think.

If Christ has flesh and bones then he IS Lord. He conquered death.

Point two. The resurrection says something to your will. It changes the way you live.

We have a new way to relate to the world. The material world matters. We won’t miss out on anything here on earth nor sacrifice anything really because we will experience it more fully and more deeply in the new heaven and new earth. That heaven will be a meterial world. It also makes thepoint that this world is worth fighting for.

Point three. The resurrection says something to your heart. It changes the way you feel.

The message of Christ’s bodily return and eating with them is that we can HAVE him. He says, “touch me.”

Why have we lost where Jesus’ tomb is? The early believers did not think it important where the tomb was because they now had him alive with them. It is kinda like when you have your child at home, their room is not special the way that it is when they go off to college. That is because you have him. In a real way, these new believers had Jesus and his spirit (when he left for heaven) in such a tangible way that his tomb was not special. He was like the son who was still at home in his room!

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