War and Peace. Matthew 5:9-12 – My notes from a Tim Keller sermon. iTunes

Photo. Richard Blick 2011, Carmel, CA

Intro. The sermon on the mount is not describing eight diffent kinds of people, but rather it is eight of the characteristics of those in the kingdom.

The big idea: our mission is to be peacemakers and persecution comes with that, guaranteed.

Point 1. What is peace?

We are at war with God in our natural state. Rom 8:7. Mentally we are at war: a war of ideas and denial and selfishness. Emotionally we are at war too: a war of cold heartedness toward God and others.

How do we know if we have peace?
A. Is our worship a celebration, remembering just how at war with God we were?
B. Are we no longer scared to death of failure? Our peace is not based on our performance and meeting our expectations. If is on Christ’s performance.

In counseling a 16 year old girl once, Tim recalls how she said what good is the gospel and having the holy spirit and knowing God if nobody likes her? Sadly, this is how we often don’t apply the gospel good news to our hearts as well.

Point 2. What is peacemaking?

It certainly cannot be in not making waves as Jesus made waves. It is announcing the good news that you are at war with God but he wants peace with you!

Point 3. Why peacemaking always comes with perecution?

When we as Christians don’t underwork as many peers do, we will get hammered for that socially. Likewise, if we do not overwork and sell our soul to our jobs and companies, neglecting our families, we will get pounded.

However, it is no sacrifice, really. Martin lloyd Jones was called to the ministry, took at 90% pay cut from his medical practice, got thrown out of the elite society, and told the reporter that it was really no sacrifice. It is like paying a 25 cent stamp to withdrawal a million dollars. Would you really quibble about the cost of the stamp when you get the treasure?

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