What is the road to change? How can we change?

Perfect freedom. Romans 6, Tim Keller, iTunes

The big idea. Three keys to profound spiritual change.

1. Recognize the shape of your spiritual slavery.
V15-16. Everyone is a slave to whatever gives you an identity. Three tests to find out what is functional savior or who your master really is: what gives or causes not just anger but epi-anger. Anger in over drive. Or what are your fears. What arenyour nightmares about? And thirdly, what do you not must shed tears over but epi-tears to depressed, dark state? Everyone worships something.

2. Realize the scope of your cosmic unity.
V3-5 says we are grafted into the roots which are Christ. His past is our past. His future is our future. Matt 19:28 palengenesia Greek word also used in Titus 3. It means cosmic renewal. Our goals are too low.

3. Live daily out of your new identity. Remember who you are. Remind yourself daily!

A. V6. How does change work? Redically redone by God. When Augustine’s mistress met him years later she said, ‘it is i, dont you recognize me?’ He said, oh yes, but it is not I.

B. Why does it take so long? We forget what has been proclaimed. This is like the laws in the south that were repealed that kept African Americans out and in fear but white people often still threatened as if they were still enforced.

C. V17. Why is change so hard? Satan’s lie in the garden is fear to submit to God. And it worked. Three seasons movie quoted.

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