Christian Hope and Money – II Cor 8-9, part 7 of 9 in series on Hope, Tim Keller, Redeemer PCA in NYC

The Big Idea: Paul says in this passage that there is a way to use your money to make your lifes story an exciting one not a series of random events.

I. What is the problem with money?

Answer: greed is as bad a sin as adultery but how do you know if you are greedy? It is clear that you know when you are in adultery but do you know if you are greedy? Greed is tricky, especially given that greed is most often in your own blind spot as well!

II. What is the key to the problem?

Answer: live in community in such a way that you identify 3 families that you show your balance sheet and income statement and have them tell you if you have slid to materialism or not. It is different for each person and it is not necessarily a percent or dollar amount that dictates greed. This is tricky and we need community to help us pursue holiness. This is also Pauls message in I Thess 3 as he prays that God cause their love to abound for one another for the purpose of holiness-producing tight community living.

III. What is the power to use the key?

Answer: Christ became poor so that we might become rich, truly rich in currency that matters eternally. Also, see Kellers sermon called An Everlasting Name. Christians get the name of God, united with His Son, and adopted as His very child. This is an everlasting name and the reason for significance that we will never get from money or trampling over people to the top to get more of what does not satisfy. Christians who bank on the gospel have no reason to fight for a legacy in life by making a name for themselves according to Isaiah they have been given a name and are Gods child!

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