Is faith easy? Its just like dropping a nut!

What could be easier than trusting God to work for you (Isaiah 64:4)?… But this ease of faith assumes that our hearts are humble enough to renounce all self-reliance and self-direction ad self-exaltation Its like a monkey with his hand caught in the jar. It would be easy for him to slip his hand out of the opening except that he has his fist clenched around a nut. If he loves the nut more than he loves freedom from the jar, then getting his hand out of the jar will be hard, even impossible (as Jesus said in Mark 10:27 about the young man who had his fist clenched around his wealth). But what could be easier than dropping a nut? The battle that Paul and Jesus are talking about is the battle to love the freedom of faith more than the nut of sin. Future Grace, John Piper, p313

Lord, Help us to taste the beauty of the realities of God, drink deeply, and be satisfied

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