What is the punchline of 1 Peter 1:12?

The Gathering

1 Peter 1:12

The Big Idea: The Gospel that Angels long to see is our daily life-line – our reason for rock-solid joy (even in tough times).


Has anything gone wrong in your life? Will anything go wrong from here on in?

Are you kidding me? Why don’t I suffer with that type of joy? V6-9

Answer: we are not obsessed with the right things.

Key word: "Concerning…" This uupacks verses 6-9, especially v9

Key question: What does it mean to look with “obsession” or deeply gaze into the Gospel like the angels do?[1]

1. Really KNOW the gospel

Example of knowing the gospel

Example of REALLY knowing the gospel

2. Read all of OT and NT through this: v11 – the suffering and glory of Christ

Practice on Psalm 1

Why did the OT have blood and sacrifices?

3. KNOW that the Gospel is good news – for you V12

Will Jesus abandon you? How do you know?

"At the same time, we are more wicked than we dared believe and more loved than we dared hope" 1 – No matter what is going on INSIDE you OR AROUND you.

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